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inEvo is an expert software development company based in Lisbon. We have been pushing new technologies and innovation to deliver high quality software solutions to our valued customers since 2004.
Working with and to clients worldwide our expert engineers are skilled in contemporary technology platforms including mobile app development, cloud computing and sophisticated web applications.

Web Development

We build sofisticated web applications. We strive to keep up to date on the latest web technologies to provide our customers with clean, responsive, cutting edge web and mobile applications across diverse business domains.

We have a proven track record as early adopters of HTML5 and our experts work and play with HTML, CSS, Javascript, SVG and WebGL on a daily basis, all to provide our clients with innovative and future proof web-based solutions.

Content Management

We provide expert development and customization services for a wide range of Open Source Content Management Solutions. From the popular PHP systems like WordPress or Drupal to business class Java system like Alfresco or Nuxeo. Our experts provide you the right tool for each job.

inEvo has been a strong adopter, supporter and contributor to Nuxeo, an innovative market player that provides a truly open source content application platform. We have developed customized Nuxeo based solutions ranging from Document Management to Digital Asset Management systems to our clients worldwide.

Computer Graphics

We love working wih computer graphics. Our experts have developed a wide range of graphic applications on all sorts of platforms, from OpenGL on the desktop to WebGL on the web and OpenGL ES on mobile.

We can help you build beautiful interactive visualizations or the next block buster game or application.

For the professional modeling industry we can offer our expertise on 3D modeling kernels and CAD systems development.

Mobile Development

inEvo is strong supporter of the Android platform which has become the largest mobile OS. Our team of experts use and develop for Android and continue to push the boundaries of supported embedded devices.

We can help you bring your web applications to mobile phones or develop hybrid and native mobile applications that ensure your customers are always a touch away.

Reporting & Integration

We do a lot of "behind the scenes" work, providing our partners and client worldwide with expert system integration services. We've built WebServices, ETL processes and custom UIs that enabled our clients to go the extra mile and really take advantage of their existing software solutions.

Our experience has also allowed us to provide state of the art Business Intelligence and Reporting solutions that gave our clients the insights to take their business to a whole new level.

Research & Development

Our roots are in the R&D world and our team regularly works with local Universities and R&D centers to help bring state of the art technologies to market.

We have at all times several ongoing research projects and we've published papers in well know conferences and journals worldwide

We're always looking for new resources and opportunities to focus on our R&D work so if you're looking for a partner with a proven track record for your next research project please get in touch with us and we'd love to team up with up.


ColaDI aims at providing a collaborative content management solution for industrial design.
It provides a set of Nuxeo ECM components that allow 2D and 3D content support, visual search and design content annotation in real-time conference.

It was developed in partnership with INESC-ID and CENTIMFE with the support of QREN incentives.


CluTCh is an ongoing research effort on the areas of 3D mobile rendering, modelling and printing.
We aim to provide a set of desktop and mobile tools for modelling 3D content, manage it on a social hub and print it locally or using third party services.

This is a partnership with VIMMI group at INESC-ID and supported by QREN incentives.

Travel Budget

Travel Budget is a web application for discovering travel possibilities. It works with a budget and a time-frame to maximize travelling tours and options.

It uses Artificial Intelligence to find your results and is implemented with Scala and Akka. So it is easily scalable.


TimeShot fuses art and photography enabling the merge of time-lapsed photo sets into images that display a place over time. As an example is it possible to photograph a sunset and compose an day and night image.

It was developed in JavaFX to work both on the web and on the desktop.


GIDeS++ is a gesture based calligraphic 3D modeller using expectation lists and extends the notion of natural and efficient interface. Using the well established ACIS modeller kernel, the modelling process is powerful and full of possibilities. A game-like visual with motion blur and glow over selection effects stimulate users while providing them useful information.

Efforts in the areas of 3D retrieval, collaboration and annotation were made on top of GIDeS++.

SVG Library

SVG Library was one of the first true SVG renderers and graphical editors in ActionScrip3 (Flash/Flex). It does render a big scope of SVG and provides several editing tools. As a framework, SVG Library allows the development of any kind of graphic applications with the benefit of loading and managing SVG content at runtime.

It is now also developed in AS3, Javascript and Dart

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